4 Ways to Test Proofreaders UK

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Do You Need Proofreaders UK

Your writing is going to have a huge impact on your success. For students error free writing will result in better grades while for others it can be the difference between getting an interview with a well written resume and failing to be considered. How you write can often be more important than what is actually written. But achieving error free writing is not often easy. No one writes perfectly, we all make mistakes, but finding those errors in our own writing is tough. Most people just do not see the mistakes in their own writing no matter how hard they look. This is why you will want to use a UK proofreading service for all of those important documents and papers. With more than 5 years in business our professional services are able to provide you with all of the help you need to get your work completed in perfect UK English.

How to Select the Right Proofreader UK

There are many services out there that offer proofreading. Many of them however only use software and are unreliable as well as likely to change all of your spelling to the US equivalent. Others will use freelancers that are neither qualified or able to speak any form of English to a high standard. When you do find an essay editing service UK that offers proofreaders with a high standard of English you will still need to find out if they can handle UK English. The following are 4 simple questions that you could ask them to help you decide if they can proofread your work for use in the UK:

  • What country could you have a holiday in and eat chips? In the UK what we call chips others call fries or French fries. While most other countries would call what we would call crisps, chips. Confusing? A good proofreader with UK skills will know the difference and can tell you that you will have a holiday rather than a vacation in the UK if you want a good bag of chips.
  • What color is your jumper? Most non UK English speakers will not know that a jumper is a sweater. A good UK proofreader will also know that colour is spelt with a “u”.
  • What football team do you support? If you are from the UK you will know that football is what a lot of the rest of the world will call soccer. While those that follow US sports and writing will confuse it for what people in the UK would call American football and choose one of those teams.
  • What areas do you specialize in? Again the spelling is incorrect for the UK as we would specialise. It also helps you to understand if they are qualified to help in the specific area of your writing if for instance you needed to proofread a medical or other specialist area.

The Benefits of Hiring Our Specialised Proofreader UK

By selecting us you will always get to work with a proofreader that is formally qualified in proofreading as well as holding a higher degree relevant to the documentation to be proofread. They will also have native level UK language skills in English. In addition to this our company offers paraphrasing services UK, including:

  • A rapid turnaround and guaranteed on time delivery
  • Some of the best proofreading prices UK services have to offer
  • Fully confidential support
  • Unlimited revisions to your document until fully satisfied
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your proofreading in the UK or your money back

To work with the best proofreaders UK just contact our experts here today to get your documentation in perfect error free UK English.