Best Paraphrasing Software: How to Fight Plagiarism with Its Help

Paraphrasing Software Online

The Trials of Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is a tricky business that can leave you exhausted and uncertain about the quality of your work. If your vocabulary isn’t strong, or you can’t master all those paraphrasing techniques UK you might be left flailing. Sure, you can use a thesaurus, but that takes time, and if you don’t know the words suggested to you, there’s a good chance you might use them wrong. And yet it’s necessary for producing original content. If you fail to paraphrase well, then you might get accused of plagiarism. This terrifying prospect is enough to motivate anyone, but what can you do when you’re uncertain of your own skills? Consider using a paraphrasing software to boost your skills and increase your word power.

Best Paraphrasing Software Online

These pieces of software will help you become a paraphrasing pro in no time.



This software comes with a free 14-day trial. It has a point and clicks interface that you can control and it allows you to safely and easily paraphrase anything. All you do is put the piece of text in and let it do the work for you. Then you can decide the specifics and produce something that looks and sounds excellent.



This free web app allows you to avoid plagiarism by replacing some text with other text. You can control the rewrite level, choose manual or auto, and decide whether or not you want the results in brackets. The astonishing level of control for a desktop software makes this very impressive.



Though technically designed for teachers, hack your paper by using it yourself. This tool is not specifically designed for paraphrasing but offers grammar checkers, style suggestions, and plagiarism checkers. Why is this relevant for paraphrasing? Well, once you’ve gotten your paper done, you’ll want to make sure it’s original. It’s important to have a great and trustworthy software that can help you with this.



The Sage is an excellent thesaurus software that helps you excel by giving definitions, synonyms, and examples. For those moments when you really just need a dictionary, thesaurus, and more, The Sage is a great way to get everything you’re looking for. It’s manual only – meaning you can’t put a paper in – but it’s an important tool to add to your repertoire of paraphrasing software. It even gives you help with rhymes for you poets out there!

Complex Sentence Generator


This website offers software that can take your rephrasing to the next level. It’s completely free and has a complex and nuanced understanding of the work that you need it to do. It contains rarely used words and phrases as well as common ones and the choice between the types is randomly generated. The website also comes with a dictionary and thesaurus that you can use when rewriting also. This makes it useful as both a rephraser and a vocabulary learning tool. What more could you ask for?

Manual Paraphrasing vs Using Paraphrasing Tool

Many of us go for the option of manual paraphrasing while rest of them prefer online paraphrasing tool or best online paraphrasing site UK. It is a fact that the paraphrasing tools save ample time for the users. Secondly, these tools save the money too. But what about the quality of work that we get post using a rephrasing tool? Undoubtedly, quality matters for sure. Therefore, it seems not so useful to get the quickly rewritten document with the poor or compromising the quality of work. Saving the adequate time and money are merely helpful if one gets the work as per demand. Although there are several trusted online sources that offer the best online tools there is no alternative of manual paraphrasing literally.

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If you are still not so sure about going for an option, you need to read out these points that justify the respective comparison in an ideal manner.

  • The paraphrasing software can’t make revisions in the work. It provides the rephrased document once and that becomes your responsibility to edit. It is one of the major cons of the paraphrasing tool.
  • The rephrasing software doesn’t replace the meaningful and relevant words by using the synonyms. It is definitely not recommended if you look for an understandable and easy to read the document.
  • Any rewording program/tool on the internet can be used for the purpose of rephrasing the single or two passages. But you can’t expect a lot from it in case of getting the bulk work done. The paraphrasing isn’t too simple and the readers are not blind for sure. Therefore, it is better to go for the manual work.

So, the verdict goes for manual paraphrasing. It is true that saving time and money won’t be even 1% workable for you while going for the rephrasing tool. So, the best way is to trust manual paraphrasing without thinking more than once.

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Benefits of Paraphrasing Tool Software

For those of you still struggling with paraphrasing, these tools are your best bet. No matter what you are looking for, we guarantee you’ll find something to help you. Whether it’s synonym suggestions or structure help or plagiarism checking, there’s definitely something for you. However, sometimes a piece of software simply can’t help as much as a real person. If you need help, we understand. That’s why our online paraphrasing service London maintains a staff of helpful, experienced professionals who can help you get through it. Paraphrasing will turn into a breeze with the combined help of great software and the personal touch. Here are some reasons to choose our help:

  • Best prices in the UK
  • High-quality results from the professional team
  • 24/7 friendly support ready to help with any problem
  • Unlimited revisions

Choose only the best paraphrasing software for your paper. If you have some question – let us know!