Online Paraphrasing Fights with the Plagiarism Epidemic

Taking an idea from another source is considered to be plagiarism. For those who want to avoid risking the quality of their written work, learn more how you can properly paraphrase.

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Why Do We Plagiarize? Intentional vs. Unintentional Plagiarism

There are an increasing number of incidents in academic and professional plagiarism. With the availability of content and information online, the growth of plagiarism cases is not surprising. So why do people plagiarize? Let us look at the difference between intentional and unintentional plagiarism. Unintentional plagiarism revolves around improper citation method, over reliance on the original source material, using practices accepted on other institutions, compensating for poor English language skills and unprofessional note taking practice. Intentional plagiarism on the other hand focuses on the desperation to succeed, panic, the ease of copying, meeting deadlines and the idea that they can get away with it.

Common, Popular Example of Plagiarism Allegations

Plagiarism has indeed become epidemic. In fact, there are prominent personalities that are accused of plagiarizing their speeches, books and written works. One of the most popular cases is Martin Luther King in which he was posthumously accused of plagiarizing this doctoral thesis. Another is US Vice president Joe Biden where he allegedly plagiarized his law article and took lines in speech from Neil Kinnock. Lastly is Kaavya Viswanathan, a young adult novelist who accidentally internalized somebody else’s novel.

Get 100% Authentic Content with Prime Paraphrasing Services

One of the most effective methods to avoid plagiarism is through proper paraphrasing. If you have minimal knowledge on how to do it effectively, make sure that you access paraphrasing online. There are many services that are created to detect and remove all types of plagiarism in your written work. In fact, it can give your paper a completely different look, cite sources correctly, and offer you a new writing approach for an authentic result. Being accused of plagiarism can destroy your credibility and if you want to maintain your integrity, you should consider getting professional paraphrasing service UK.

Learn more how you can paraphrase online, avoid plagiarism and submit a 100% flawless, original content!