Plagiarism in UK and Around the World: Interesting Facts and Stats

What plagiarism facts and stats in the UK and around the world should you know? What is the state of plagiarism in the entire world? Check out this post and learn of tidbits about it today.

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plagiarism in uk

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Flagged Authors by Country

  1. Germany: 3.2%
  2. China: 10.8%
  3. Bulgaria: 20%
  4. USA: 4.7%
  5. Egypt: 18.9%
  6. Iran: 15.5%
  7. Japan: 5.65%
  8. Brazil: 8%
  9. India: 10.9%
  10. Australia:5.89%

What Is the State of Plagiarism in UK Universities?

  • 50,000 students were caught cheating in the last three years
  • 75% of postgraduates were found plagiarizing at the Queen Mary University of London
  • 17% of students admitted cheating on tests
  • 40% of students admitted cheating on written assignments

Top 5 Universities with Academic Misconduct Cases

  • University of Kent: 1,947
  • University of Westminster: 1,933
  • Sheffield Hallam University: 1,740
  • Oxford Brookes University: 1,711
  • University of East London: 1,928

How Do Universities Prevent Plagiarism?

Ninety-eight percent (98%) of universities are now using a computer program Turnitin in analyzing suspicious essays. Turnitin was launched in 2000. It is a database of 110 million documents, 155 million student papers and 14 billion web pages.

The Worst Plagiarist in History

In 2003, Tony Blair tried justifying his plans of invading Iraq using a 19-page of document “Dodgy Dossier.”

This document was formed as the basis of the case of the invasion. According to sources, the Dodgy Dossier had plenty of information, all unattributed and stolen, mainly from a doctoral thesis of Ibrahim Al-Marashi, a California State University professor. His thesis wasn’t the only source but also other papers and materials. The prime minister staff even included the mistakes or typos from the original thesis.

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