Sample of Paraphrasing in Academic Writing

Why Do You Need Paraphrasing in Academic Writing?

When you are asked to provide a piece of academic writing from a simple essay through to your dissertation you are expected to do your own writing. Even if you are going to be referring to what others have said to support your assertions or to provide a background for them. Your work should not be a collection of quotations that you have cut and pasted into your own writing. If you are going to demonstrate your understanding and better target your specific audience, then you need to repeat what they have said in your own personal words; this is paraphrasing. The problem is that repeating what another has said in completely unique words is often harder than it looks and you run the risk of being accused of plagiarism if you don’t do it correctly.

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Tips for Doing Paraphrasing in Academic Writing

Remember that online paraphrasing UK is not just about taking each word and swapping them for a synonym as a piece of software would. Paraphrasing is all about understanding. You have to fully understand something if you are going to be able to explain it to another in your own words. So to paraphrase you simply need to:

  • Read the original until you are completely sure that you have a full understanding of all of the points being made.
  • Make notes of all of those points using your own unique words.
  • Rewrite the text using your notes only and not referring to the original.
  • Try to write in your own personal style and keep in mind what your audience is looking for.
  • Compare the rewritten text to the original and modify anything that is too close to the original.

sample of paraphrase  paraphrasing sample

How Can a Sample of Paraphrase Help You?

A paraphrasing sample can help you to see exactly how paraphrasing should be done:


We are perfectionists when we deal with our own things. Every time we encash our personal checks, receive our salaries, get our change, the teller counts the money at least twice before our very eyes, yet we recount it after it’s handed to us. If we encash a $10,000 check and received only $9,999 we will not settle for the teller’s 99.99% accuracy and demand the missing dollar. When we buy a dozen egg, we do not pay for it at once, we open the box, check the quantity, quality, size and presence of cracks. TQM is simply applying this natural meticulousness when it comes to handling the company products and assets of the company as if they were our very own. (Rene T. Domingo, 2006)

help with paraphrasing in academic writing


TQM is about treating the company assets and parts as if we owned them. When we do things for ourselves we are very careful to ensure that things are always done right. If we were going to purchase a box of eggs we would not just buy them; we would check the box very carefully to ensure that none were damaged and that they were all there. If we are going to cash a check we are still going to count the cash after the teller has counted it twice in front of our own eyes. And we are not going to accept even one dollar less than we expected even if the error made by the teller is less than a fraction of a percent. (Rene T. Domingo, 2006)

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